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The Best family is a family of wedding ministers.  Our wedding ministers make it simple for any couple to be married.

Our ministers travel to perform weddings anywhere, any time.  We have performed wedding services at dawn at the beach and at midnight in the Chapel.  We even performed a wedding at the B-52s concert on the mobile wedding chapel.  We are open-minded.  Love is our religion.

The Mobile Chapel is a fun way for all couples to have an exciting, fun wedding.

The Chapel can come to you at your location.

Couples can come to Shelbyville to be married on the truck by the lake, in the city park or where you would like.

Couples can be married on the road and delivered to their reception married.

The Mobile Chapel is also available for photo sessions before, during or after your wedding.

The Mobile Chapel makes a great photo opportunity for any occasion.

We marry all couples that wish to be married.
From the courthouse in the county where your marriage takes place.
Typically you need both of the couple present, have a valid state identification and the fee charged by the county.  Call the county clerk in the county the service is to take place.  In Shelby County where the Chapel is located, the clerk’s phone number is (217) 774-4421.
No.  We marry those who wish to be married.
We are non-denominational and here to marry those who wish to be married. Love is our religion!
For us all you need is a valid marriage license in the county in which the service takes place and a deposit to secure your date and time.
After the wedding, we will help complete the license and file it in the county that issued it.
You can purchase them from the County Clerk’s Office where  the license was recorded, either by mail or in person.
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